The Best Things About Belvidere North

Matt Belinson, Reporter

     As the 2015-2016 school year is coming to a close and the seniors are getting ready to leave Belvidere North. Many of the seniors have been making memories here at North about teachers, classes, sporting events, plays, promposals and dances. Many seniors have some of their favorite things to share.

     Kajsa Chen (‘16), was asked about what her favorite sports memory was at North.

     “I always loved the Homecoming games, it was the thing everyone has been building up to during that week and finally all the students are out there cheering loud!”

     Another question was asked about her favorite class or teacher.

     “Mrs. Dewall is my favorite, she was a good teacher, she knew how to do that and have fun too,” said Chen.

     Many other seniors talked about the school spirit at Belvidere North and the success she has had with her sport. Sam Garcell (‘16), a cheerleader here at North talked about her favorite memory of her time on Varsity cheerleading.

     “ My favorite time is when we went to state!”, said Garcell. “We had so much fun there!”

     “I also love the students. The spirit they show for the football games and assemblies is really cool,” said Garcell. “I wish they showed the same for basketball (boys and girls), and cross-country,” said Garcell.

     With less than a month left of school, seniors will be ready to leave and remember North at the same time. Garcell said, “I will miss it but I am so ready for everything else!

     Thier high school lives may be ending, these seniors and many others hope to use the skills and lessons they learned at North the rest of their lives.