‘Should I stay or should I go?’


Emily Teagardin, Reporter

     When teenagers dream about college, they think everything will be planned like in the movies or books. Perfect prestigious college, check. Your roommate is your best friend and you never fight about anything, check. You have enough time to do your school work, and check. The list goes on and on.

     Alright, snap back to reality. Maybe going to a large university isn’t right for you. It isn’t for everyone. There are many students that decide to attend a community college nearby their hometown.

     As soon as someone mentions, “Rock Valley” or “RVC” most people let out a groan or roll their eyes. They are under the impress that if you go to a community college over a university, you’re a failure, or you’re not smart enough to go to an ‘actual’ college. Let’s take a moment and see how completely wrong that is.

     Many seniors,  at Belvidere North, attend Rock Valley College for a variety of reasons. There’s more students going to Rock Valley more than what you may realize. It’s a wise choice because Rock Valley is very cheap, about $1,500 a semester if you’re taking 14 credits a semester, which is five classes. You can always take more or less credits depending on your major or direction you are going in. Also Rock Valley is one of the top community colleges in the state of Illinois according to US News.

     Going to Rock Valley, you don’t have to worry about wasting away thousands and thousands of your parent’s hard earned money. This way, you’re only spending a very slim amount of their money by choosing to go to Rock Valley. Your parents may really like your choice of Rock Valley because any community college is a lot less expensive than a university.  Even if you have to pay for college tuition on your own, you won’t be in drowning in debt if you choose a community college over a large and expensive university. Many students coming out of college run into the problem of being in tremendous debt. Choosing Rock Valley, you will not have the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay off your student loans, because simply you will not have any debt or a very small amount.

     It seems as though kids are going to universities to get a ‘degree’ in anything instead of focusing on what they can earn as a degree that will lead into an actual job once they graduate college.

     Rock Valley offers many programs such as Saint Anthony’s nursing, Dental Hygiene, aviation, and variations of mechanic programs, the list goes on and on. These are only a few of the popular choices, but Rock Valley has much more to offer than what you probably realized.

     If you don’t want to stay at Rock Valley for four years or stay in the Rockford area, you always have a choice of talking to one of the many counselors that will help you out and make sure you take all the necessary general classes needed before transferring to a university down the road. Many kids go to Rock Valley to get their general classes out of the way and then transfer somewhere else.

    To some, a community college seems like a hopeless, miserable alternative to going ‘away’ to college. Many people take their education for granted You should always think twice before you turn down a great opportunity.