Running out of time

Running out of time

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

     When the school year starts to come to an end, everyone starts rushing to get the grade they’ve wanted all year.  The last quarter is nine weeks, which can give a decent amount of time to get, well pretty much your life together. But let’s be honest, nobody uses those nine weeks.  

    The last month of school only contains ten days for seniors, and fifteen days for all the other classes.  15 days doesn’t give anyone much time to retake failed quizzes, turn in all the late homework that’s stacked up in your folders, and study day and night to get A’s on your upcoming tests; but somehow, us students manage to do it.  The final quarter creates a lot of stress due to the fact that spring sports are back in action, prom is in the air, and graduation for seniors; but without the grades, none of these things are possible.  

    Jessica Joseph (‘17), a spring sport athlete, said, “I kind of rush to get my grades up, I usually don’t let it drop below an A usually and if it goes down I try to get it up right away since I’m in a sport.  It tends to go down around this time of the year because I start to get lazy with my school work.  Except I feel like some teachers are really good about helping their students. Sometimes they will offer extra credit towards the end of the year; but I also understand if the student doesn’t work hard all year why the teacher won’t help the student at the end of the year.”

    It is very common for teachers to give extra credit, or allow students to turn in late work if the student has worked hard throughout the year, which that can really help a student out.  

    Natalie Murad (‘18) said, “I rush to get my grades up and yeah it’s pretty hard to do it in the final quarter,” said Murad.  Murad is a student of Mr. Laud’s and mentioned that he is allowing his students to bring in supplies for labs, and materials for next year for a certain amount of extra credit.

    “This really will help my grade, and i’m really thankful that I have this opportunity,” said Murad.

    Cameron Lundquist (‘17) said, “Yes, I do rush to get my grades up at the end of the semester because I want the best grades possible, and yes it is easy because there are teachers that will help me get my grades up.”

    Many students began all their hard work for the final days of the school year, but how do we think the teachers feel?

         “Student’s should be focused on having good grades all year long,  it is not the teacher’s job to suddenly give extra attention to those who haven’t cared about their grades all year long.  Especially because how much technology our school has, student’s can check their grades any day, and can go to a teacher the day they see an issue with a grade,” said John Paddock who teaches four different types of classes.

     “I do help the students at the end of the quarter, but I will only help the students who want to truly help their grades,” said Trena Valentine, a math teacher here at North.

    As we can see, there are some teachers that feel like they don’t have to work extra hard towards the end of the year when things should be lightening up for them.  Although, not everyone feels the same about last minute grade boosts, a majority of teachers will help students raise their grades even if they don’t want to.

     All in all, it may not be the best idea to try and improve your grades in the final quarter, but sometimes it’s the only way to get good grades.