Boys volleyball back for second year

North  / Bucs 2016 Volleyball Team

North / Bucs 2016 Volleyball Team

Ben Clanin, Co-sports Editor

    The boys volleyball team is back for its second year in the Belvidere area, and the Co-op team feels as though they are back and stronger than ever.  They had a very good first year last year when they went 7-4 overall and the only team they lost to twice was Hononegah.  “I feel like this year we have a really strong team and we just really want to build upon what last years team started,” said Dan Miziniak (‘18). Currently this year the team is 3-4 in conference and 6-7 overall.

“I dont think that there is any reason to worry, we’ve lost against some tough teams and i really think that we can bounce back and finish pretty high in conference,” said Miziniak. There are some tough teams that they have to compete with in the NIC-10, the toughest of which come with Guilford and Jefferson.  “Those guys are the toughest teams that we have to play, they are definitely beatable but it would be a very tough match,” said Miziniak.

  There are three players that represent North on the Co-op team with Belvidere High School, Sam Murphy (‘16), Bailey Henry (‘16), and Miziniak. Even though the team is split up between the two schools the guys still feel like they are a close team. “We have a great group of guys and we play really well together, I feel really close to these guys,” said Murphy.