Preparing Your College Dorm Room


With a little effort, a college dorm can feel like home.

Izzy Rich, Editor In Chief

     One of the most important parts of college which is often overlooked until the first day of enrollment is decorating your dorm room.Soon-to-be college students can be seen frantically picking side tables and lamps at your local Target the week before they move. One of the best things a college student can do before they move into their new dorm room is plan ahead.

     Don’t underestimate the importance of properly decorating your dorm room. College life can be stressful; it is extremely important to have a room to come back to where you can relax and recuperate.  However, your dorm room isn’t just for relaxation, it is also one of the places you do most of your studying in. These are reasons to give the decor of your dorm room some thought.

     There are some essentials for a good dorm room. One will need a television, mini fridge, coffee maker, desk, chairs, and lamps. These items allow you to do more things in your room, such as have entertainment and your own food.

     “I think it’s really important to decorate your dorm room, especially if you are moving far away like I am,” said Alivia Rogers (‘16). “You want your dorm room to feel like home.”

     To achieve a homey feeling, bring some things from your bedroom at home. This could include photos of friends and family to hang on the walls or place on your desk. You could also bring your favorite childhood stuffed animal, homemade blanket or quilt. Bringing these items will add little reminders of home to help you relax.

     “I want my dorm room to reflect my personality,” said Charlene Hagl (‘16). “I want people to know it’s my room.”

     Your personality can be displayed in many ways throughout your room. The textures of the fabrics can show what type of person you are. The patterns can also be a large indicator. The largest sign of your personality in your dorm room is the color scheme you choose. You can be adventurous with dark blues and reds, make it peaceful with light blues and greens, or keep it classy with white and beige.

     No matter how you decorate your dorm room, remember that it’s completely up to you. This room should be a comfortable place which reflects who you are as a person. You should love where you’re living for the next four years.