Prom the Enchanted Garden

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

   This year prom was moved from it’s usual location, Cliffbreakers.  Giovanni’s was the new location for this year’s prom, and ever since last year freshmen are eligible to go to prom as long as an upperclassman asks them.  Sophomores also have the opportunity to go to prom with an upperclassmen and many of them took advantage of that this year.  The prom theme was Enchanted Garden, which was a theme North has never had before.

    Kylie Johnson (‘18) said, “I’m super excited, my favorite part was dress shopping, every year the dresses get better and better, it is one of the reasons everyone loves looking at prom pictures.”

     “This is my second year going to prom, last year I went with my friend Sam, I was the only freshman who was there, it was a cool experience, this year I went with my friend Czerina,” said Nick Quinley (‘18).

     Prom is one of the last school events that the seniors get to go to as a North student.  Most seniors will go to prom, then head up to the Dells a day after and spend the weekend there plus senior skip day which was the Monday after prom.  

    “I’ve been looking forward to this year’s prom since junior prom last year.  Junior prom was a blast and I thought nothing would be able to top it, but this year was even better.  It was a perfect way to finish off high school with everyone in my class and it’s an event I will cherish forever,” said Lauren Britton (‘16 ).

     This year’s prom was a really a night to remember a new king and queen were announced.  Brenden Schultz (‘16) and Sam Garcell (‘16) were named prom king and queen.

    “I’d like to thank the academy and Marians cookies,” said Garcell.  Garcell is very thrilled about her win, along with the King, Schultz.

    “Winning the title of prom king was something I never thought I’d experience, but now that I have I can honestly say that it was an amazing moment and I’m so glad I got to experience it with my best friend!  I’ll never forget my senior prom, and being crowned prom king,” said Schultz.

    The junior class awarded Jared Ellingson (‘17), and Laurel Burke (‘17) prom prince and princess.

Overall, this year’s prom was a huge success, and everyone is waiting for next year.


Prom king and queen.
Prom king and queen.
Prom prince and princess.
Prom prince and princess.