The dangers of tanning


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This teen may think tanning is glamorous, but in a few years it might leave her with wrinkles and cancer.

Emily Teagardin, Reporter

     Before a school dance, or when any female goes on vacation for that matter, it seems as though all some of them can talk about it how they’re going tanning. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for that matter, “I’m only going for ten minutes,” or “I don’t even go that much,” they say.  Sure, a little vitamin D doesn’t hurt, but when it comes to the UV or ultraviolet rays you’re absorbing, that’s when tanning because unhealthy and harmful for the human body.

     When deciding to tan, you need to think about all the risks you’re potentially exposing your body to. The obvious and most dangerous side effect of tanning is skin cancer. Not to mention, tanning also damages your skin cells causes premature wrinkles and brown spots that may appear on your skin according to

     Of course these are the extreme risks of tanning and will increase if you go more often each week or are in the bed for a longer period of time. Even if you are not going to a tanning salon, if you’re outside for many hours of the day during the hot summer, make sure to apply sunscreen to decrease your chances of getting a painful sunburn or developing skin cancer in the long run.

     So remember, next time you decide to go tanning, make sure you think about what it can cause your body. Even though pale skin might not look as good, it’s healthier for your body than looking like you rolled in a bag of Doritos. You’d rather be safe than sorry!