Belvidere North finishes up another school year


photo provided by Carrie Skaggs

The varsity soccer team in a huddle prepares for a game. Soon, their season will be over.

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

     The end of 2015-2016 is drawing near, and it’s time to accomplish the goals that were set in the beginning of the year or semester.  Students are trying to get the grades they want, finish off their spring sports the best they can, or stay in touch with school friends over the summer months.

     Everyone has  friends inside and outside of school.  The friends you meet in school and are inseparable during the school year, but once summer hits there is no communication with them.  Students worry about saying goodbye to their school friends because they won’t see them for two full months.  But with social media and cell phones, there is a way to stay connected with the friends from school.

      Before summer can start though, student athletes have to finish their sport’s season.     

     “For me, I want the boys track team to win conference, that’s a goal we set before the season even started,” said Jake Martocci (‘17).  

     “The [soccer] team has been striving for becoming top three in conference this year and we have worked hard to achieve this goal,” said Erin McKinney (‘18).  

     The students are not the only ones trying to achieve their goals before the last day of school.  Teachers need to finish grading final sections they are working on and fit in the last sections for the semester.  

     Mrs. Karin Krider’s goal is to “finish up all the of units, send the seniors off to college, and prepare the juniors for their senior year.”

     Other students are worried about their grades because of the end of the year coming up.  Students do their retakes, turn in late homework or do makeup work to get every point they can to get the best grade possible.   

     With only two weeks left the year, it’s time to finish up being a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.  Freshmen have made it through, Sophomores are now upperclassmen, Juniors are now the top of the school and Seniors are going into the real world to start their adult life.