North seniors say goodbye to high school sports

Rylen Kirk(16) walks off the court

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Rylen Kirk(’16) walks off the court

Makayla Stein, reporter

 At North all seniors get out of school earlier than everyone else. However, sports still continue. Seniors can participate in their sports until the end of their season.

     Some people go on to play sports in college, but not everyone makes the team. College sports also take up study time, so students may not have the time to participate.

     For most high school seniors in sports they will play their final game this year.

     “I feel sad that I won’t get to do what I love doing, but I’m happy that I have so many great memories,” said Max Vittore (‘16).

     Although they won’t be able to participate in high school sports anymore, there are still opportunities to be on a sports team.

     “I plan to continue playing in the future, but not for the official college team,” said Cedric Ignacio (‘16).

     The Belvidere Park District offers many programs for ages 18 and older. They even offer lessons for people who still wish to play a sport but don’t know how. The adult sports teams offer competition for adults as well as a chance to meet new people interested in the same sport. It also gives participants their daily workout. For college students it can help relieve stress and a chance to interact socially instead of being isolated to study.

     The Belvidere Park District isn’t the only location for this year’s graduates to play their favorite sports. They can also find leagues using a website called The website allows them to search for leagues as well as players. If they would like to coach a sport they can even find individual players to recruit.

      But in no way does graduation mark the end of the enjoyment of playing sports.