How to keep your college dorm clean


A clean college dorm, like this one at Loyola, can make a huge difference academically.

Matt Belinson, Reporter

     If there is one thing that shows who a person is in regards to school and real-life, it is how organized they are. Lockers are a good place to put a backpack and lunch-box. When you get into the real world and the start of college, organization can make or break how students perform.

     The organization of a college student is important because of the amount of work that is given. College work takes on average 2 hours, and if resources aren’t easy to find, the assignment can become confusing.

     Organization of your room makes for comfortable space and good morale. When two college kids are living together, space is vital. Recommended ways to organize a college dorm room are as follows:

  1. Split the room in the middle so there is no confusion on toiletries or clothes.
  2. Beds and desks are two priorities, start moving and cleaning those to make them accessible by removing books, dirt and clothes on them.
  3. The closet is where all clothes should be, not the floor.

     Roommates should always have a fair and easy cleaning agreement. Schedules should be made for laundry and vacuuming. If both students also have similar subjects, move each other’s school work and chores around the dorm.