What’s in your locker?


photo taken by Kayla Vittore

Jordan Trommater (’18) and Ana Valenzuela (’18) at their lockers.

Kayla Vittore, Reporter

      Abandoned papers, random wrappers and an unidentifiable smell. These things and more can be found in a high school locker.

      One of the signifiers of the end of a school year is the systematic emptying of the locker bays. While most students evict normal locker residents like broken binders and unwanted pencils, some kids are hiding more unexpected discoveries within their locker shelves.

      Eileen Bunt (‘18) has a history of uncovering all sorts of oddities from her locker. From middle school to high school, she’s seen all sorts of surprises appear in her locker.

“I’ve found rotten oranges from my lunch, spare clothing, socks, and even old toast I didn’t eat from breakfast,” said Bunt. “My favorite thing I’ve found is probably a bottle of orange juice from McDonald’s because it was in there so long it separated into two different liquids. It was really funny.”

      High schoolers aren’t the only ones that have messy lockers. The teachers of BCMS help their students clear out lockers every year, and have accumulated a few stories of their surprising discoveries.

      Mr. Robert Fleischmann, a math and science teacher at BCMS, said he has seen students unearth “moldy sandwiches, expired milk, and an entire wall of chewing gum,” from within their lockers. Besides the gross remains of now inedible foods, Mr. Fleischmann also said that he’s seen lockers that contain “four boxes of Kleenex that were supposed to be turned in the first day of school, other students’ phones, and of course… missing homework!”

      Not everything you find in a locker is disgusting or embarrassing though. Cleaning out a locker can bring out a lot of positive memories for students. The things they stick to the walls and keep on the shelves can have deep meaning to them.

      “Since I came to BCMS in the middle of 7th grade, I’ve had trouble making new friends,” said Chloe Main (‘18). “So when my locker was decorated this year, I was overjoyed to see I had close friends to decorate my locker for me. I’ve kept the decorations in my locker as keepsakes to remember my awesome friends by.”

      A locker can provide deep insight to who a student is. Disorganized students have some interesting things, like old drinks and late assignments. More ambitious students might have a cooler full of sodas in their locker that they sell to classmates during passing period. Many students look into their locker and find evidence of the friendships they’ve made while in high school. Cleaning out a locker isn’t just emptying a space. It’s an honest review of the person you’ve grown to become in just one school year.