Fishing spots pt.2


Camden Johnson

     There are more places than just the four we covered before. These spots are a little bit further away though. Lake Geneva is around 45 minutes away and has excellent fishing. The lake has a healthy population of Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. The water is extremely clear so fishing can be difficult because the fish can see your line. The best things to use at the lake are finesse tactics with lightweight monofilament line. Finesse tactics include jerkbaits, light jigs, dropshots, and small swimbaits. The fishing is slower from shore but if you can get on a boat then the fishing gets even easier.

     There are many lakes around that hold big fish, but the one that holds the most big bass is Lake Shabbona. There are bass, bluegill, crappie and muskie in Shabbona, and they’re caught regularly. The best part of the lake is near the dam, where the fish eat crayfish and shad.  The trees that have been placed in the lake also produce fish year round. The best baits to use are natural colored bass jigs, crankbaits and wacky rigs.

     If you’re into muskie fishing this next lake is for you. Windsor lake in Rockford has an amazing population of muskie. The lake is mostly private though, there is only one public fishing spot. To fish for the muskie you need heavy line and a large rod. The best baits to use for the muskie are large bucktails, spoons, and big swimbaits.

     There are subdivision ponds in the surrounding area that are fishable, but you need to have a resident of the subdivision with you. The Central Park neighborhood pond is great fishing, but if you aren’t with a resident, you can and probably will get a trespassing ticket. If are allowed to fish there the best bait is a crankbait.

     There are many ponds and lakes around the area that can produce excellent days of fishing. The best way to find them is to just go out and fish.