Coaches can make or break a team


Coaches are important pieces in the framework of a team.

Matt Belinson, Reporter

      In sports, athletes are not the only ones who face overwhelming pressure to perform and succeed. Coaches of teams are the ones responsible to set a tone for how the team should play, act, and respond to defeat.

     In life, you meet people that the moment you talk to the them the first time or look at them, you either like or dislike the way they do things and address subjects. Coaches have form a trust bond between their players. The way they talk to and about them affects how both of them Players and coaches can share a special bond like Brady and Belichick, Duncan and Popovich or even Bryant and Jackson. Coaches like those have made it clear to their players that winning is always an expectation and players respect the way they do things. But not all coaches have that charisma.

     Even if your team has talent, coaches can break a team’s spirit and morale. The awful Chicago Bears in the Marc Trestman era are a prime example of what this is. The bears had Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Charles Tillman. Those players realized that Marc Trestman knew nothing about NFL football and ran a team so carelessly that the players formed a mindset due to their coach. He eventually left, and now the bears have a coach who has taken a team to a Super Bowl and has told his team with words and actions that playoffs and hard-work are required for him.

      Coaches are not just responsible for how they show players what kind of team they are going to be but they also have a job to know what kind of system would most fit their team.

      Players want a coach who understands how they want to play and act. If a coach disrespects or ignores a player’s wishes, especially a star-player, the downward spiral begins.

      Coaches are in charge and make the decisions that they think will best help the team, but they also should understand that everyone wants something and if you keep brushing off other’s opinions, you will find yourself without a job.

      The final reason coches can cost a team’s success is their reputation. While it is true that players and fans should give every coach a chance, reputation is everything.

      If Gregg Popovich started to coach the Lakers, player and fans will become energized and will respect he or she’s opinions. He has a reputation of winning and not taking criticism. Players will agree with him because he has a reputation of being right.

      If a coach was given the position of coaching the Bulls, but this coach has never been to the playoffs and has a reputation of being hard to work with. Players and fans will realize that he may have coaching experience but this coach won’t make the players or atmosphere better. Can a reputation of something that you used to be destroy your credibility and respect, absolutely yes.

     Coaches are brave for taking control of a team, taking blame for wrong moves and rarely being credited with right choices. Player seither like or hate you from the moment you start to coaching. No matter what sport you play or coach, everything comes from the top. Players are responsible to perform but coaches are responsible to set a tone for everyone involved.