The Crown Book review


Kayleigh Phillips, reporter

      The first three novels of The Selection series follow America Singer and her rocky trip through the selection. In those books you meet and fall in love with Maxon as well as the 35 five girls her has to choose from. At the end of what was thought to be the last book, The One, Maxon makes his choice and we are left with a wedding and a handful of short novellas telling the behind the scene bits. The series sold over 3.5 million copies and is published in 32 different languages.The series was also picked up by CW for a tv show but was dropped after CW didn’t want two shows about princesses on their channel. Warner Brothers purchased the rights for a movie on April 22nd 2015.

      However on May 5th 2015 Kiera Cass released the next addition to the selection. Maxon’s daughter has now grown up, one of two, she is the next in line for the crown. Her parents decide to let her hold her own selection, the first princess lead one in history. Eadlyn Schreave, the daughter, doesn’t like the idea one bit. She in fact has already decided to run the country by herself. But as the selection continues and she gets to know the men that she invited into her home, she realises that having a cold heart might be harder than she thought. She grows attached to her boys, one in particular.

      This is where The Crown picks up. This is the last and final installment to The Selection Series. Eadlyn knows she has to choose her husband and soon if she wants to protect her country. In the book she goes through a rollercoaster of events. Starting with becoming reagent and ending with a ring on her finger. Through this all Eadlyn remains the strong female character she has been since the beginning, maybe with a little more emotion, a little more humanity. She has fallen in love but fears letting her dad and her boys down.

      The book was overall amazing. Cass has done an outstanding job tying in some controversial topics to the story and she ends it in a way you can’t help but love. The ending was surprising, if not a tiny bit suspected. As you read the book it is hard not to fall in love with the characters even more than you already have. It is safe to say that The Crown was an excellent royal farewell to the Selection Series.