Canada Wildfires Breakout

Raging Wildfires implore in northern Canada.

NBC News

Raging Wildfires implore in northern Canada.

Cassiana Pozzi, Reporter

  Authorities in Canada ordered the mandatory evacuation because of a raging wildfire ripping through the city of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta. Officials issued that the order be expanded to Tuesday.  About 53,000 people have moved to safer ground because of extremely high temperatures and low humidity which is fueled by the blaze.  Firefighters are left behind battling the “explosive” conditions. Many more buildings have been engulfed by the flames as the fire continues to move through northern Canada.

     “All our efforts to control and contain the fire were challenged by this extreme fire behavior,” said Bernie Schmitte, the forestry manager. “Efforts were also hampered by smoke conditions. Basically fire behavior was beyond all control efforts.”

The fire has started to slow and officials are hopeful that residents are going to be able to return to homes within two weeks.

     “85 percent of the city remains intact, including the downtown district. 2,400 homes and buildings fell victim to the fire, but firefighters saved 25,000 others, including the hospital, and every functioning school. No deaths have been reported and the complete evacuation of residents could lead to a positive recovery for Fort McMurray,” said Fire Chief Darby Allen.