Five Ways to Know If You’re Ready for College


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Sure you’re ready to graduate, but are you ready for college?

Makayla Stein, Reporter

1)  Do you know your interests?

This is one of the top problems people have when deciding if they are ready for college. Most people don’t know what they want to study or what career field they want to go into. This is an important decision that can affect where you end up.


2)  Are you a punctual person?

In college, professors are not fond of late work. There are deadlines all students must meet in order to pass. Some professors don’t accept late work at all and will count it as an automatic zero for the assignment. A zero can severely impact your overall grade and could determine whether you pass or fail.


3)  Do you study for tests?

College tests aren’t all multiple choice. You may not be able to use process of elimination. You’ll need to know the information you’ve been taught. If you don’t you could fail the class, which will be permanently marked on your college transcript. Employers use a college transcript to assess possible employees. It is mainly to see how much understanding you had about the subject when it was taught to you. Employers want the highest quality employees, and if you failed a required field it could cost you that job.


4)  Do you get help if you need it?

Some students are not able to follow the information a professor teaches. College professors will not be watching to see which students are struggling. The student needs to seek help on their own. You can ask your professor when their office hours are open for extra help, or you could seek tutoring from a fellow student or an online site.


5)  How advanced are you?

College is a whole new level. Everything from reading to math is more advanced. The reading passages will be longer and more complex. A way which could help you is to read slowly and reread until you understand. It may take longer to do this, but it might prove beneficial when it comes to the test. Math will also be more complicated.  However, you can go online and find hundreds of websites showing different methods of solving the math problems. One of the methods shown is sure to provide more understanding for you.