What not to wear


Students at private school wear uniforms.

Bella Kehrer, Reporter

     In most schools students are allowed to wear whatever they want. In private schools that is not the case; a school uniform is required.  Most students are against the idea of a school uniform due to the fact that they believe clothing pieces are form of self-expression.

     A school without uniforms allows students to wear any sort of clothing, which can cause a huge amount of controversy. Schools that don’t have a specific dress code potentially have more bullying than a school with a dress code. Students can get put down for their clothing choice because it doesn’t fit in with the trend or it doesn’t look flattering on them. Schools that don’t have uniforms usually have a moderate dress code with few rules, but a few common ones include: no shoulders, no short shorts, no provocative graphics, etc.. All these rules could be cured with a school uniform.  

    One plus side to a school uniform is that it allows all students to wear the same thing, which decreases bullying since nobody can get shame for their clothing choices. Not only does a specific dress code have the potential to decrease bullying, it creates less of a distraction in the classroom. Students will not be focused on what others are wearing, and will pay attention to the lesson being taught in the classroom. Along with less of a distraction, students feel a sense of discipline while wearing a uniform. If a student disobeys the dress code they will be sent home to change. This will make students follow the rules unless they want to continually go home change and receive further punishment. Also, a uniform is a sense of professionalism and will set students up for real world jobs.  

    Most students that are against the idea of uniforms are worried about the cost that the uniforms have on their parents wallets. A uniform costs around $30 for pants and a top, but for those worrying about money, the trending jeans from your favorite store cost twice that. On average someone will spend $249 on uniforms for the year. A family of four, in the United States spends around $1700 on clothing which equals up to $425 a person. The costs are way cheaper, and you only need to have five uniforms. Overall, it makes sense to enforce uniforms for money reasons.  

   Some students argue that a uniform is uncomfortable, boring and lacks self expression. School is a place to learn, not a fashion show. It is important to get ready and be who you are, but clothing is not the only way to show who you are.

   A uniform is always there and nobody would ever have to worry about what to wear.

    “School uniforms would be such a good idea because then I never have to worry about waking up and finding a good outfit to wear that’s appropriate and that I won’t get in trouble for. Uniforms aren’t that ugly either, there’s more than just one style of the uniform. Plus you can wear cute socks,” said Natalie Murad (‘18).

    All in all, a school uniform isn’t meant to take away from someone’s personality,self expression, or make families spend tons of money. A school uniform is to help the school’s students stay focused on their work, get a real world feel of professionalism, and avoid bullying. Of course the fact that school uniforms are cheaper in the end and that schools could just avoid dress coding overall, a school uniform is not meant to be a sense of punishment, it’s meant to benefit all students.