Bored This Summer? Take a Road Trip!


photo taken from Getty Images

A summer road trip can be the highlight of your summer break.

Cassiana Pozzi, Reporter

     Many students who are unable to go on a vacation this summer are stuck in Belvidere trying to find something to do. One cure for summer boredom is a car and a map. Taking a road trip is a fun experience to do on any summer day with friends or family.

     There are so many places within in reach that could be a fun destination. Of course there is Chicago where you can visit the museums, go shopping, and take pictures in Millennium Park. But if you are hoping to travel to somewhere farther, Galena, IL is full of small store-fronts and fantastic food. The town has many historical and unique tourist attractions including factory tours and antique shops. For a more natural road trip stop, there’s Starved Rock State Park about 90 miles from Chicago. This state park has natural waterfalls, stunning rock formations, and a 45-foot canyon. Another place outside of Illinois is Lake Geneva, WI. The lake is a popular spot for boating, parasailing, water skiing and wake boarding. There are also four beaches and there are two shipwrecks at the bottom of the lake. There are many other state parks further from Belvidere such as Maquoketa State Park in Iowa, High Cliff State Park in Wisconsin, and Giant City State Park in Illinois.

     Road trips can be fun, but you have to make sure you are prepared for a long day on the road. Make sure when setting out on an adventure to have extra snacks, money, chargers, a gps or map, CDs or an aux cord, sunglasses, and any extra supplies if you plan on stopping somewhere such as a state park or forest. Another essential item you need is extra clothing or blankets just in case the drive back is cold or you want to wear something more comfortable. If you do plan on taking a road trip to a natural attraction, have a first aid kit packed just in case of an emergency. Never forget snacks when on the road. Even though there are many truck stops with fast food options, a granola bar or fruit snacks may be a better alternative and one less stop to make before or after a trip.

     Road trips are an easy and most of the time inexpensive adventure to try this summer with friends or family. Whether you’re traveling through the state of Illinois or venturing out of its borders, a road trip is a fun summer memory.