‘I hope you had the time of your life’


Natalie Perez, Editor-In-Chief

      Whoever once said “high school will be the best four years of your life” was very confused and partly insane.

      High School is exhausting, in every sense of the word. In an emotional sense, this will be a time where you not only figure out who you are , but also where you fit into the world as a person. The result is usually nothing but a confusing mess.  While we’re in high school, most people are concerned with how the rest of the high school population views them, and this often causes high schoolers to resort to very shallow and inconsiderate options in order to remain what some may refer to as “cool.” The friendships one makes in high school change so often and so quickly that we forget  this is a very small part of our lives. We’re so wrapped up in trying to make this the best four years of our lives we make some really crazy decisions. We live in a world where if you didn’t Tweet, Instagram or Snapchat it, it probably wasn’t that important. We have an incessant need to be validated from so many different people it drives our youth to the “savage” culture we participate in today.  This culture is the idea of doing crazy and sometimes dangerous things in order to receive a high amount of popularity or attention. The culture that we allow ourselves to jump into is often the cause of lost friendships and alienation as a high schooler. This is destructive to our youth and entails a culture of emotionless actions without remorse. A part of the reason we do this is to ensure that we do not become alienated from society.

      Alienation is something that every single high schooler has faced sometime in their life and it is the one feeling we try our very hardest to never have. Alienation comes in many forms, and when a teenager comes to terms with that feeling leads us to try as hard as we can to fit in. It’s a major reason why so many people don’t try to discover who they are in high school, because they would rather fit in then get to know themselves.

      In a physical sense, high school can be exhausting. Many people in high school juggle a job, school work, extracurricular activities and a social life. This often makes high schoolers sacrifice things like their health in order to compensate for all the things they try to do during their day. A high schooler is supposed to get at least nine and a half hours of sleep, but the reality is much different. Rarely do high schoolers get even eight hours of sleep, let alone nine and a half. We are constantly told to push ourselves harder and challenge ourselves to take accelerated and Advanced Placement classes and participate in sports and do volunteer work and be involved in school activities, but still eat and get enough sleep. The truth is there is no way for a high schooler to do all those things and keep their well-being intact.

      Overall, there are many challenges that a high schooler faces, and this stage is a confusing path to walk through. It is not easy to be a high schooler, and it definitely won’t be the best four years of our lives. This is the beginning to the rest of our lives are we have ourselves fooled if we think high school defines us.