Music festival Do’s and Dont’s


Paige Weigle, reporter

As summer quickly approaches, dozens of music festivals across the state-line have already been announced to feature hundreds of bands that are unique to each festival’s lineup. Whether you’re an experienced  festival-goer or you’re going to attend your first music festival this summer, here are some tips to help improve your experience, along with some things you shouldn’t do during the festival.


DO: Dress comfortable. Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you have to wear the most revealing outfit out of everyone in the entire festival, unless that’s what you’re comfortable with. Also wear shoes that you don’t mind walking all day in.


DON’T: Wear flower crowns. Just, don’t.


DO: Drink tons of water, and if you can, get a Camelbak. Most festivals have free filling stations and no matter where you are, you will have a supply of water with you. Don’t run the risk of being dehydrated.


DON’T: Accept drinks from strangers. Even if the people you met in the crowd are super cool and friendly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Never letting your food and beverages out of your sight is also a good idea.


DO: Stay sober. It’s important to always be aware and alert of your surroundings.


DON’T: Stress about seeing every single show that you possibly can.


DO: Have a spot where you can meet all your friends in case you get separated or your phone dies.


DON’T: Crowd surf. Don’t be that person.


DO: Bring a portable phone charger.


DON’T: Complain to the people that you’re with about being too hot, hungry, tired, or that your feet hurt. It’s going to get really annoying, really fast.


DO: Be smart with your money and make sure you don’t lose your card and/or cash.


DON’T: Spend all of your money on the first day of the festival.


DO: Have a great time and make memories that are going to last a lifetime!