Dodgeball Could be a Possibility at Belvidere North

A student exercises in P.E.

Yearbook Staff

A student exercises in P.E.

Kayla Vittore, Reporter

 If you ever watched cartoons on TV, you probably saw at least one episode where the main characters played dodgeball.  School gym class and dodgeball seem to be naturally associated with each other, yet Belvidere North gym classes never seem to play this traditional game.

     Dodge ball is being banned more and more frequently in public schools.  The game is called violent, cruel, and “a battle field” by its opposers.  In one New Hampshire school district it was actually defined as a “human target sport”.  In a time where schools are hyper-sensitive to bullying, dodgeball and similar games have become a target.

    “When I was a kid I kinda enjoyed playing dodgeball,” said basketball coach and Belvidere North teacher Mr. Darrin Sisk, “It was fun to play when I was one of the older kids.  But some of the other kids were really good at throwing.  It was still fun, but those guys were scary.”

     According to Mr. Sisk, in District 100 the dodgeball ban was supported by previous superintendent Dr. Michael Houselog.  “Dodgeball is dangerous.  The game itself encourages you to throw hard at people.  Kids have gotten knocked off their feet… kids have gotten concussions…,”  said Mr. Sisk.

     “The previous superintendent didn’t allow dodgeball in the district,” said gym teacher Mr. David Graffy.  “The concern was that in the older grades, dodgeball makes some kids feel singled out or picked on.  However, we’re working toward getting dodgeball approved as an option for Juniors and Seniors in gym class.  This way students who want to play the game will be able to, and students who are a bit nervous about dodgeball won’t have to be involved in it,” said Mr. Graffy.

     With a new superintendent in charge of district 100 – Dr. Daniel Woestman – there is an opportunity for the restrictions on dodgeball to change.  Dr. Woestman did not respond to Belvidere North inquires in time to voice his opinion on the topic in this article.