Tips for Incoming Juniors


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Some of the textbooks you can look forward to in your Junior year

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

     Junior year is thought by some to be the hardest year in high school.  This is true in some cases; juniors are allowed to take Advance Placement classes and the workload from teachers are more to prepare students for the future with college and senior year.  Sophomores this year will be upperclassmen and they don’t know what is in store for them.  

     The first thing to know is how to manage your time and put in order the most important class to the least important.  The most important class is the one you should have the most focus on and when students spend the most time on. If a class is easy for you, then take the time you would spend on that and put it towards a class that you are struggling with instead.  

     The next thing to know is don’t be too stressed out.  Take time out of the busy schedule of being a junior for yourself, whether it’s going for a drive to clear your head, hanging out with some friends or going out for food just to get your mind off of school for awhile.  Once you have done that you can start back on school work with a recharged brain and the drive to get things done.  

     Another thing to consider is finding a job.  College is only two years away and it is expensive, it’s nice to have some extra money.  A job such as working in a restaurant or retail is an easier way to fit that into a junior life schedule.  

     Do your homework.  Homework is repetitive to what is taught in the classroom, but it allows you to memorize it outside of the classroom environment.  When tests and quizzes come it works to your advantage to know how to do it and not to cram all the information the night before.      

     These are just some tips for the underclassmen to have an easier transition coming into their junior and senior year.  Some people feel like it is too much to handle with school, homework, sports, a job and fitting in a social life.  Junior year is a stressful time, but it can be easily handled.