School start time debate


Sleep deprivation is a serious issue.

Andres Hernandez , Reporter

      Every day students have to arrive to school by 7:50, and that’s extremely early, school should be starting much later.

     If school started later students would wake up much earlier and they would have a lot of time to make themselves breakfast. If students were able to eat in the morning then they would go through the rest of the day with enough energy to pay attention to all of their classes and stay awake. With how school starts so early right now, many teenagers have to go without eating breakfast daily because they have to use what little time they have to get ready for school. This makes it so that the students go through all their classes whilst they’re extremely hungry and barely focusing on whichever subject they should be learning.

     Not only would students have more time to eat but they would also have more time to prepare for the school day. If the student forgot that they had homework assigned the other day then they could take their time in the morning to complete that assignment.

     While the extra time would help with anything school related it could also improve student health. According to the Sleep Foundation, teenagers need eight to ten hours of sleep, and most teenagers don’t even reach the minimum. One study shows that only 15% reported sleeping little more than eight hours, which means that most teenagers don’t get the necessary amount of sleep for their age. If the studies are accurate then the loss of sleep in teens could be affecting their health. According to the Harvard Medical School, a lack of sleep can cause a higher risk of chronic health problems such as blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. They also reported that a single day without sleep can cause elevated blood pressure all through the next day. On the contrary, a good amount of daily sleep can have beneficial effects. The National Sleep Foundation reported that teens who sleep the required amount are then able to eat better and both manage and reduce stress easily.  Another issue for sleep is that most teens have irregular sleeping patterns on the weekend, which can affect the overall quality of their sleep which, in turn, can deteriorate their health. It can also be very easy for teens to neglect sleeping until after 11 due to biological sleeping patterns that tend to shift toward later times for both sleeping and waking during adolescence. The fact that teens have a hard time sleeping at later times also supports the fact that school should start later because if the students can sleep at whatever time they want then they can also wake up at whatever time they want. This will help them feel well rested and content.

     If students can’t sleep as long as they want and they have to wake up early then they won’t feel well rested which could lead to them feeling demoralized because they’ll be unmotivated to do anything so early in the morning. If students are demoralized for even the first few hours, then that could drastically affect any classes that they have in the first couple hours of school.