Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go player catching a ‘Gloom’.

Cindy Oyervides, reporter

     On July 6, 2016, Pokemon GO was released from Niantic, Inc. The app became very popular very fast. It was based off of Nintendo’s original Pokemon games and is currently only available for smartphones in the United States as well as in Australia. Even though each user spends a different amount of time on the app, SimilarWeb has estimated that each user spends a total of about 43 minutes and 23 seconds per day playing. The app has become a daily activity for many and has gotten hundreds and hundreds of people to leave their houses.

     The app requires users to leave their homes and walk around outside in order to find Pokemon. Users are given opportunities to hatch eggs that give them a chance to catch more rare Pokemon; the player is given a certain distance to walk in order to hatch the egg. As players catch more and more Pokemon, they rank up and can use their Pokemon to claim gyms. Gyms are the battle areas for the mobile game; the teams are able to fight off the boss found in that gym and must knock its prestige down to zero in order to claim it for their team. Players must reach level five in order to even enter a gym and they will have to choose a team. The possible teams are Instinct, Mystic, and Valor.

     “I’m on team Mystic because I like the color and the way the game described the team,” said Kayla Hill (18’).

     The player will choose their team accordingly and may decide to claim gyms for their team.

     Pokemon users will come to find that their pokeballs, which they use to catch Pokemon, run out rather quickly. They can walk around to find pokestops that will give them various items. ePokestops can be found around your town, often near important monuments or local businesses. The items given at the pokestops can come to use later depending on what the user plans to do with their account; some players don’t even bother battling, they prefer to just catch pokemon. All of the items can help them in some way or at least be used.

     Lots of people have been enjoying Pokemon GO and plan to continue enjoying it for a while.

     “I enjoy it because it brings back good memories from when I used to collect the cards,” said Ramon Guzman(‘19).

     The game has been very popular among all age groups and has even managed to get large amounts of people outside of their house. If you want to try out a popular and interactive app, give Pokemon GO a chance.