District 100 adds new hockey team

McGowan (19) and Brawner (18) pose for a photo in their new Fury T-shirts.

McGowan (’19) and Brawner (’18) pose for a photo in their new Fury T-shirts.

Samantha Erb, Reporter


North is now adding a hockey team, tryouts are Mon. August 29 from 6:10 – 7:10, Tues. August 30, 7:10-8:10, and Wed. , August 31, 6:10 – 7:10 at the Carlson Ice Arena. North will have four other high schools joining the team. The five total high schools are Belvidere, Belvidere North, North Boone,  Sycamore and Dekalb High School. These five high schools are going to make up this new hockey team.

     Even if you’re involved in a school fall sport you can still play hockey. Since there are many high schools that are involved they are calling their team Fury, instead of having to pick from one of the many different high schools.  

     All skill levels are welcome even if you have not played hockey ever in your life.

     “Even though the schools are new to each other, hockey is such a great sport and the bonds are built so quickly that I don’t think there will be any problem for this new team.  Many of them have started to work together over the summer doing workouts, so they already know each other.  Also, hockey is a small world and many of them have played together at one point or another,” said Stacy McGowan one of the board members who helped create the team.     

     Patrick McGowan (‘19), at Belvidere North and Jake Brawner (‘18) at Belvidere High created the team for hockey. Mr.Lucca, a teacher at Belvidere High will coach the Fury Hockey team.

     The team will start playing out at hockey rinks in Rockford until there is ice in the Belvidere Park District Rink, games start in September and playoffs in February. If you are interested in joining you can contact Coach Lucca at [email protected]