Summer activities for North’s athletes


Photo provided by Sam Corbet

Sam Corbet playing club lacrosse this summer

Connor Walsh, Co-Sports Editor

      Summer for most students means hanging out with their friends and enjoying the freedom of no school.  For students that play travel sports, their summers consist of waking up early on the weekends and travelling all over the country to play.  

     Many athletes that play club sports are looking to continue their sports career into college, using their teams to get in front of coaches from all levels. In order to have as many coaches see them as possible, teams compete in showcase tournaments.  They are also hoping to get a higher level of competition.

     Some schools don’t have every sport due to cuts or lack of interest, making their club teams very important.

     “We had lacrosse my freshman year, but it was cut after that.  So I had no choice except playing club” said Sam Corbett (‘17). “But playing club was able to get me in front of a lot of coaches, against some of the best competition possible.”

     While some athletes have no other options, others play both for the school and club teams, wanting to be as good as possible.  Playing on a club team gives you the extra practice and the extended season to improve.  

    “I play baseball for the school in the spring, and I also play for the Stateline Generals during the summer,” said Adam Veruchi (‘17). “Playing all summer and fall, along with practicing during the winter really helps me improve from year to year,”

     While some can’t imagine having the time consuming schedule taking up their summer, others couldn’t see themselves doing anything else.

     “There’s nothing that I would rather be doing all summer than playing baseball with some of my best friends,” said Veruchi.