New Dean of Students at Belvidere North


Sheridan poses for a photo in his office.

Camille Spencer, Reporter

      Along with new students attending Belvidere North this year, there is also a new Dean of Students. His name is Jim Sheridan. Though he has worked in different schools for 14 years, this is his first time working in District 100.

      As he walked in on his first day, Sheridan said, “It appears as if it is a brand new school, you can tell that the students and custodians take great care of it, and it appears to be a fabulous place to work.”

      He was also pleased of how well he has been treated since he has been here.

      Sheridan would like to make some changes throughout the year. He was asked what his goals were for the students or the school as whole, but he said he was too new to know. He does have one thing in mind that he would like to accomplish though. Attendance and tardies are rarely a problem in our school but these things still occur. During his time working here, he would like to reduce tardies and increase attendance.

      Sheridan understands what it’s like to be in high school and he wants the best for the students here.

      ”I hope the students have a great high school experience plain and simple. I look back in my high school, I don’t think about math class or chemistry, I think about the experience I had and playing sports and being in clubs. If we can get as many students as possible to have positive experiences then I’ve done my job,” said Sheridan.

      Sheridan knows the importance of a quality education and that academics are important for the students because the classes will prepare you for the next big thing. College. Overall, Sheridan is looking forward to having a great year.