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Kyle Hauser, Reporter

      Autumn is a great time of the year.  The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice, cooler weather, and of course Friday night lights.  Friday night lights is a big deal here at Belvidere North.  Belvidere North’s Blue Crew is rated as one of the best and most electrifying student sections in NIC-10 football.

     Though the whole student section is considered the Blue Crew, the leaders of the student section are a small group of seniors that paint letters on their chest even in the bitter cold or the pouring rain.  

     Blue Crew leaders, who are seniors Kyle Hauser and Bailey Neiber this year, decide who gets to paint letters on their chest.

     Blue crew leaders also decide the themes for the whole season.  The themes for the football games are;

8/26 @Jefferson-Purple Out for Payton

9/2 Belvidere-Taste the Rainbow

9/9 @Auburn-Hawaiian

9/16 @Hononegah- Cowboys/Cowgirls

9/23 Harlem-USA

9/30 Guilford-Belvidere North Spirit Wear(Homecoming)

10/7 @Freeport-White Out

10/14 East-Pink Our(Senior Night)

10/21 @Boylan- Black Out

     With all of these themes and options, Blue Crew is bound to be crazy every single game.

     “We plan on continuing to be one of the best student sections in the Nic-10 because everyone comes out and gets involved in the games,” said Neiber.

     One of Blue Crew`s goals is to get everyone involved. Many underclassmen don’t show up to games because they think they aren’t part of the school. That is very untrue. Underclassmen are strongly encouraged to come out to all of the games.

     All in all, Blue Crew is hoping to build off of last year and be the best and most electrifying student sections in Belvidere North history.