College Search


Lizzy Darling, Photo Editor

      For most seniors, it is time to start finding colleges and begin the application process.  The beginning of senior year will be a stressed-filled first semester, which focuses solely on applying to the colleges chosen.    

     “Here are the steps for the college application process, find a college; visit the college; apply to the college; get in to the college,” said Ms. Kris Jenkins.  

     Before the first application is sent out there is the choice between all the colleges that spark an interest.  There are multiple websites that give information about universities such as: size, percent of admitted, price, and location.,, are just a few of the many that will help find the perfect fit based on your needs.      

     Once a college or colleges are chosen, the application process will begin.  Focus on the extracurricular and volunteer work that makes one look successful and involved in high school.  

     Anna Chylak said, “I suggest applying early for college because it allows you more opportunities to find one that spikes your interests.  Based on the questions they ask you can get a feel for the college and whether you want to be a part of that community”.  

     After finishing the basic part of the application, the essay/writing process starts.   For the letter of recommendation find a teacher, counselor or someone who can write one that will set one apart from all the other applications.  Once everything is done make sure someone looks over the essay so there are another set of eyes that way nothing is forgotten.  

    Deciding what college to attend is one of the biggest decision that one will make because it is the beginning of life on your own.  Without any parents or guardians one will have to be in the real world.  Begin now so it is not surprising when deadline hits.