Major League Baseball

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

The MLB has a rich history that started way back in 1869.  Many things have changed, but the MLB still has the same principle.  Baseball has always been played the same traditional way.  The base lengths are 90 ft.  and the pitcher’s mound still remains 60ft and 6 inches.  All players are forced to use wood bats, but the quality of the bats have been improved over the years.

The MLB started with only eight teams that were spread across the country.  Now, this 2016 season, there are a total of 30 teams in two different leagues.  There is an American League and a National League.  The National League leaves the pitcher in the lineup to hit.  As for the National League, the teams have a designated hitter(DH) which hits instead of the pitcher.  Though it has never been figured out, a majority of pitchers can not hit very well.  With the designated hitter in the lineup, there is a lot more action and scoring.  Some people still think it is more strategical to leave the pitcher in the lineup.  There have been talks of changing the National League into using a designated hitter.  Right now, it is a very controversial topic in the baseball world and is under much discussion.  

As of now, the 2016 season is starting to wind down and get into the postseason.  The postseason is the playoffs for the MLB and a World Series Champion will be named at the end.  The last team to win the World Series was the Kansas City Royals.  As of right now, the Chicago Cubs have the best record in baseball which makes many people believe that the Cubs will win the 2016 World Series.  

     “I am not a big baseball fan, but I still love watching it when it is on TV,” said Jared Ellingson(‘17).

Baseball is arguably the best sport to both play and watch.  It is enriched with history dating back to the late 1960’s.