Improv Anonymous adds new members


The Improv Anonymous team poses for a photo.

Burke Cochran, Reporter

      Improv Anonymous, Belvidere North’s own improv team, has long been the source of superfluous sarcasm and witty entertainment for the students of Belvidere North. After ending a great season last year, they are rounding back up again for the 2016-2017 year.

      The team led by Mrs. Wendy Taylor, currently has eight members, one sophomore and seven seniors. These members are Alex Weichold (‘17), Brian Edwards (‘17), Javier Martinez (‘17), Jettie Keefer (‘17), Lily Czechowicz (‘17), Natalie Perez (‘17), Seth Lambright (‘17), and Burke Cochran (‘19). The team is hoping to gain members back that graduated last year.

      With the school year starting back up, Improv is following suit and Improv Anonymous is having meetings after school for the next three Fridays. After this, there are going to be auditions for the team on Sept. 23, and anyone is welcome to come and try out.

      People planning to attend can expect to be involved in the team’s normal shenanigans, the same that is done at shows. The team plays a ranging variety of improv games that showcases the different aspects of Improv.

      Natalie Perez (‘17) a member of the improv team for two years says, “My favorite game is four square, because it incorporates a lot of the different aspects of Improv.”

      In this game, a team favorite, four players stand in a square and each combination of them is assigned a different situation. It then rapidly switches from scene to scene and creates a lively and enjoyable performance for everyone to watch.

      Be sure to join improv for some of their shows this year on Nov. 3, Dec. 15, and Mar. 20 for the shows this year. The shows start at 7pm and are in the cafeteria.