VMA highlights


Beyonce on the VMAs carpet.

Bella Kehrer, Center Focus editor

     The VMAs (Video Music Award) is hosted by MTV.  The award show ended on Sunday night by giving away more than 15 awards.

     Thousands of people attend the VMAs but there were some high archly celebrities present. For example, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncè, Drake, Rihanna and plenty more.

    Overall, Queen B stole the spotlight.  Beyoncè received eight awards at the VMAs.

    “Beyoncè always has such good performances. Her outfit, voice and dancing is always flawless,” said Nick Quinley (‘18).

      Beyoncè also was one of the best dressed as she strolled into the red carpet wearing a Francesco Scognamiglio. Kim Kardashian, also, was one of the most talked about celebrities because her outfit was quite simple this year. Britney Spears not only looked stunning on the red carpet but her performance outfit was one for the books as well. Her outfit and performance were one of the most talked about things after the show.

   Now, there is a lot of controversy going on about the night and some of the body language that was performed up on stage. Drake had the honor to award Rihanna with the Vanguard Award, right after confessing his love for her. Rihanna accepted the award but didn’t accept the kiss Drake was offering her.  That wasn’t the only rejection of the night. Rumor has it that G-Eazy went in for a kiss during his and Britney Spears’ performance. Although Britney told sources that she didn’t feel as if G-Eazy was going in for a kiss.

    The night continued and DNCE, Twenty One Pilots and Fifth Harmony were awarded.

     David Bowie was awarded the Blackstar which stands for ‘Best Art Direction’ as well as the CFDA Fashion Award. Although, he could not personally be there to receive the awards the crowd showed a lot of love for Bowie.

    All in all, the VMAs are really like all the other award shows. The goal of the show is to get fans interactive and show support to their favorite artists. If music and production continues to grow from what it is today, arts will become even better than they already are.