Fantasy football draft tips

Connor Walsh, Co-Sports Editor

   When the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers square off on September 8, it is not only the kickoff of the NFL season, it is the kickoff of the fantasy football season.  While some fantasy football players have been through multiple seasons, there are also many players who are new to the drafting process.

     The most common mistake by inexperienced players is thinking the quarterback is the most important player in the draft.  While the quarterback usually will score the most points every week, the level of talent at the position is extremely deep.  In most drafts, there will be a quality starting quarterback still available going into the later rounds.

     “Whenever anyone picks a quarterback in the first few rounds, it always ends up screwing up their season,” said Zack Larson (‘17)

     Early in the draft the players that are normally picked are ones at positions that aren’t as deep, such as running backs and wide receivers. The average top ten picks in Yahoo leagues consist of five wide receivers and five running backs.

     “I always pick one of the top running backs or wide receivers because they’re some of the most consistent players in the league,” said Larson.

     Another position mistake that is commonly made in the draft is made at tight end.  Most tight ends get drafted in the later rounds.  The only tight end that is commonly drafted in the top thirty five picks of the draft is Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots, who has an average draft pick of eleventh.  The next highest ranked tight end is Jordan Reed from the Washington Redskins.  If you’re not able to get one of the top tight ends, it’s most likely a better idea to draft a different position.  

     An alternative to picking a tight end in the middle rounds is picking one of the top kickers.  While most kickers and defenses usually aren’t picked until the last few rounds of a draft, the elite ones will put up more points than a mediocre tight end.   Stephen Gostkowski and Justin Tucker are the top two kickers that would be a replacement for a tight end.

     The later rounds are used for picking your sleeper picks, or players that haven’t have had success in the past that you think will have a breakout year.  While there are an endless amount of lists of sleepers online, most of the players on the list don’t pan out.  The best thing to do in the later round is to just go with your gut.

     “In the last couple rounds of the draft, most people don’t even know the person that they pick,” said Larson, “You just kind of hope for the best.”