A day in the life of a freshman

A day in the life of a freshman

Camille Spencer, Reporter

We all remember our first day of high school. Whether it was nerve wracking, fun, terrible, or the best day of your life. The class of 2020  seem to be adjusting quite well, but of course, like all of us at one point, are still having a few struggles.

For the new freshman, Belvidere North is new territory and is most likely bigger in size than their middle school was. Most of them are confused on what’s upstairs and what’s downstairs and where their classes are. Luckily for them, some students, teachers and staff, are always willing to help freshman with getting to know the location of their classes and other places as well.

According to Deja Sandkam (20’), the teachers were very helpful when she asked them where her classes were. She was asked what is was like to transition from middle school to high school and said

“It’s very different you learn a bunch of new things and new experiences.”

 Sandkam also says getting around and meeting new people in school is a great thing and she is excited for her high school experience. It took her the first day of school to find all of her classes and remember them.  

Sandkam was also asked if she was excited for anything in high school and said

“I am super excited for homecoming and getting the opportunity to do that, and of course marching band because it is my forte and I have been waiting since last year to perform in it.”

A new addition for the this year is that the freshman are given their own chromebooks. The chromebooks were given to the freshmen as an educational tool so that the kids are able to take their schoolwork home with them. Because most of the assignments that are given to them involve the use of the computers, most freshmen are exceptionally excited about the new addition.