What to expect at comic conventions


Cassiana Pozzi, Entertainment editor

     It is the biggest type of event for pop culture lovers to come together, buy merchandise, meet celebrities and sit in on exciting panels. I’m talking about Comic Con. Comic conventions happen globally and are the perfect place for fans of TV shows, books, comics and movies to share their excitement with others, and even dress up as their favorite character.

     The number one thing to remember at Comic Con is to expect the unexpected and bring a lot of money. With all the vendors that set up shop at comic conventions, no one walks out of there without buying a thing or two. Most of the vendors are very cheap but sell good quality shirts, pins, posters, figurines and so much more. Another special feature at most comic conventions is ‘Artist Alley’ where local artists create artworks to sell to convention attendees.

     As well as buying merchandise, there are many events to attend during the convention. These events include celebrity panels, cosplay contests, fan panels, celebrity photo ops and autographs. Panels, mostly when hosted by a popular celebrity, are entertaining and gives fans opportunities to ask questions.

      Ysabelle Gavina (‘18), who attended Wizard World Comic Con, said, “I loved everything about Wizard World Comic Con, but my favorite part was when we went to the Carrie Fisher panel because she was hilarious.” It’s also a great experience to be able to meet a popular celebrity and get their autograph or have a photo op with them. Photo ops are a very quick process but they give you an amazing opportunity to meet a popular star up close.

     One of the most popular things to do at a comic convention is to cosplay. Cosplaying is dressing up as a character from a favorite TV show, movie, book, comic book or anime to compete in contests or take photos. There are cosplay contests at almost every comic convention and many photographers who attend conventions take pictures of great cosplays for articles or blogs.

     Comic conventions can last for hours so there are many preparations and items to consider bringing. One of the main things to bring is a portable charger and extra snacks. Most comic conventions allow you to bring food and water inside the venue, but they do provide other food options. Bringing a backpack or a large purse is also an important thing to keep in mind because many attendees don’t prefer to carry around the plastic bags from vendors all day.

     People who get the opportunity to attend comic conventions get a great experience of meeting new people, talking with celebrities, and treating themselves to a variety of pop culture merchandise.