Staying organized at school


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter


     Staying organized throughout the year requires time, effort, and motivation. These components will come together in order to help you reach your end goal-organization. Although there are a lot of different things you can do in order to keep your belongings and schoolwork neat, there are a few that tend to be more common among most people.

     One way to stay organized during school could be to get things such as binder, a folder, or even color coordinating the things that’ll be used daily. Using these things can be a way to sort papers; paper will be used basically every day so it’ll be important to keep these neat and in the right place. Little things like this will benefit and add to your level of organization. Being organized with your papers will help when you need to quickly pull them out for a class. So instead of sorting through piles of random papers, just stay organized.

     Another common way to stay organized is to purchase a daily planner, create daily schedules or to make lists. This tip can be fairly simple but it’ll prove to be effective. Using the planners to have an idea of what to do in a day will keep you on track to get everything accomplished. This tip will not only keep you organized but it’ll also help you remain productive throughout the day.

     One of the tips to do at home is to be sure to practice good habits. Doing things that’ll enable you to have good habits will add to your motivation to stay organized. Good energy tends to get people motivated to accomplish their goals and if your goal is to stay organized all year, being able to reach it won’t be hard to obtain.

     Finally, one more tip to do at home is to set up an area that you can do all the homework assigned at. Having a neat and clean workspace makes it easier to keep all of your belongs together in the right areas. Coming home after a long day of school can be relieving so instead of having a messy workspace, create a clean one for constant motivation to achieve this goal throughout the year. If the area becomes too messy every week, simply reorganize it whenever there’s free time; this’ll ensure that your space is constantly tidy.

     Being organized all throughout the year can be stressful, but following the tips given will help you out. If they don’t work out, don’t give up; find other ones that work better. Organization during school is a key part in making the experience more fun and easy.