Theater takes a spot in the limelight


Improv Anonymous performing for a group of students.

Samantha Erb, reporter

     When Agnus wishes her life was less boring her entire family gets into a fatal car crash. After, the accident she starts going through her sister’s room and finds a notebook that doesn’t make any sense. So Agnus goes to the local music store and finds Chuck Biggs a              dungeon master.While talking with him she starts playing the game that her sister Tilly Evans creates and finds things out that she didn’t even know about her sister like how she is not into guys, and she has a friend with no legs. On this little adventure Agnus meets Orcus, Lilith,Kaliope, Ferris, and many monsters including cheerleaders which we all know are monsters.

      She Kills Monsters is the next play that Belvidere North will perform at Belvidere High School. Auditions were August 29 and August 30. Many talented people showed up and auditioned most ended up with parts that they deserved. Starring as the main five for this play is McKenna Mosher as Tilly Evans(17’), Lily Czechowicz(17’) as Agnes, Kaitlyn Brown(19’) as Kaliope and Samantha Erb(19’) Lilith and Tommy Crocker(17’) Chuck Biggs.

       The Musical Once Upon A Mattress are having auditions January 16 until January 18. Another play that Belvidere North will be performing is Radium Girls .Auditions are November 7 and November 8. This play will be performed January 19 until January 21.

       Since, September 2 every Friday after that until September 23 will be Improv Fridays. Auditions for that are September 23. Improv shows will be held in Belvidere North cafeteria November 3, December 15, February 9, and April 20. Yes, and Improv Workshops are at Batavia High School Sunday March 5 and is $25 dollars for anyone who wants to go. Student directed plays are November 17 and more dates are to come.