Teddy Bridgewater


Bridgewater gets carted off of the field

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

All NFL teams start their entire game plan based off of the quarterback.  Some quarterbacks are more run based and some have a cannon for an arm and are more throwing based.  Some teams have a very strong defense which plays a big role in the team’s game plan.  

As for the Minnesota Vikings, they have the best of both worlds in terms of their quarterback.  The Vikings quarterback is Teddy Bridgewater.  Bridgewater attended the University of Louisville and was drafted into the NFL in 2011.  Bridgewater was the Vikings first round draft pick in the 2011 draft.  

Bridgewater is a very mobile quarterback.  He specializes in reading defenses.  He is able to read the defense and is able to run many option runs, which is when the quarterback can either keep the ball for himself and run, or hand it off to the running back and let him run.  Many quarterbacks can not read the defense and make the wrong decision which leads to losing yards and killing momentum.  

Bridgewater also has a very good arm to go along with his lightning speed.  At the University of Louisville, he threw for nearly 10,000 yards.  For a college athlete, this is a huge accomplishment.  

The Vikings have based their game plan off of his skill since 2011, and are now going to have to change his game plan.  This past Tuesday, Bridgewater fell to the turf at a practice holding his knee.  He got it checked out and found out he had a complete tear of his ACL and he dislocated his tibiofemoral.  

“I’m really disappointed he got hurt because I was really looking forward to watching the Vikings actually have a winning season.  I now just hope that it is not a career ending injury because he is young and has a  lot of potential,” said Sydney Hohn(‘17).

Now that Bridgewater is no longer the team’s quarterback, they will need to have a new game plan for their 2016-2017.  The NFL season starts on Sept. 8.  We, as spectators will have to watch and see how the Vikings adjust to their missing quarterback.