JV Soccer starts season


photo provided by vip

Sam Kerwin dribbles the ball

Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     On August 30, the Junior Varsity soccer team played their first match of the year

     So far the Junior Varsity team has played three games and they have tied in one match, lost another and won their most recent game with a score of 3-2. The JV team will be playing their fourth game of the season this week and two members of the team, Jeffrey Ramirez (‘19) and Erik Hernandez (‘19) have been leaders for the team.

     “I feel I’m doing decent, I’ve scored one goal and I’ve been close to scoring more but first I got to help the team out, make some assists and overall get better as a team and individually,” Said Erik Hernandez.

     Hernandez also hopes that by improving himself and his coordination with his team he’ll be able to be on Varsity next year.

     “ Well I’m not a cocky player and our team is good but we really don’t know each other too well because we’re new to seeing each other but as the year goes on I’m sure we’ll improve” said Ramirez.

     Hernandez agreed with Jeffrey Ramirez on the subject of assisting their teammates in order to succeed.

     “As a team we are doing good, and getting better. We’re trying to progress as a team and we’re all working hard and trying our best in order to improve ourselves and give it our all.” said Ramirez

     Both players hope that their training will be enough to make a second win on their fourth game.