Girls swimming looking strong


Photo provided by VIP

The girls swimming team poses with their second place trophy

Camille Spencer, Reporter

With two wins and a second place award, the girls varsity swim team is planning on making a huge breakthrough this year. Though they have only attended three events so far, the girls have high hopes for themselves and the team.

Both the junior varsity and varsity swam against Auburn High School for their first match and both teams came home with a victory. Both teams were also victorious when going against Freeport. The most recent event that the varsity team has attended is the “mermaid relays.” By the end of the competition, the team had taken 2nd place out of the 12 teams that were there.

Lisa Pilkinton (19’), is on the junior varsity swim team and she says her experience has been really good so far.

“I love my team, they are really cool and  are super supportive and they are making my experience on the team even better,” said Pilkinton.

Stephanie Cipolla (18’) has been on the swim team all three years of high school, but this is her first year being a varsity member. During last years season, she said she was lucky enough to compete in some events as a varsity swimmer but she was never  a part of the team until this year.

“I have been swimming competitively since I was nine and I love it,” said Cipolla

Both Pilkinton and Cipolla were asked what their favorite things to do is on the team. Pilkinton said her favorite thing was performing strokes in the water. Cipolla said that relays were her favorite thing to compete in.

The girls have a meet on Saturday, where they will swim against Harlem.