Debate team starts their season


The debate team poses for a photo.

Burke Cochran, Co-Features Editor

Belvidere North’s debate season ended last year by sending two teams to nationals, the first time it has been done in school history. After a momentous achievement, the team is hoping to maintain their streak and have another great season.

     Jazmine Guzman (‘18), Bridget Harris (‘18), Taeya Houzenga (‘16) and Burke Cochran (‘19) competed at the National Speech and Debate Association’s Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah over the summer. Both teams performed respectably, and hope to qualify again this year

     At the end of last year, the season ended with ten members, and are hoping to gain more this year.

     For a team of their size, Belvidere North’s Debate Team has done very well. They are part of the top 25% most competitive competition districts in the nation, and place regularly at tournaments. Last year, the team went home with around 20 trophies collectively, and multiple ribbons and speaker awards, or “speakees” as dubbed by the team.

     “My partner and I were fairly successful last year, we placed at our first tournament. This year, my new partner and I, Natalie Perez (‘17), hope to be successful as well,” says Nick Altintop (‘18).

     Every month the debate team cycles through topics and debates them at tournaments which are typically on Saturdays. The topics are chosen from things that are prevalent in the news and media as of late. For example, last year the team debated over the Syrian refugee crisis, and currently the topic is about searches of students.

     However much arguing the team may do, there’s no debate that the team is aiming high for this season.