Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     In the past few months there have been many new changes to various apps. Lots of users have been enjoying the changes, while others have decided to not use the apps or came to the conclusion that the new update wasn’t for them.

     Instagram is a very popular app that is used to post pictures. Instagram was created in 2010 and has grown tremendously since then. The app currently has over 500 million monthly users and is growing daily. Instagram has just recently come out with a new feature called Instagram Stories. The feature was released on Aug 2 of this year and has been a hit among many users.

     This new feature was not available before so it has been a thing that people have been take advantage of and really enjoying. This has made the Instagram experience new and exciting. The new update also added other things such as zooming in on a picture and fixing bugs. One final thing about the new Instagram update that people have been enjoying is the feature that lets the user draw or write on their story in different colors.

     While some people have been enjoying the new feature, others have been complaining about it. Some have even claimed that the app is copying Snapchat because a main feature on Snapchat is daily stories that users post. Although the two features from both apps are very similar, there is one major difference. Snapchat has fun filters that the user can use either on themselves or on others. Instagram has this feature but the filters are just color filters. That has made some people choose to continue using Snapchat instead of Instagram.

     Being able to screenshot, view, and message the people you follow on Instagram from their story is yet another benefit of trying out the new update. If you decide to go ahead and try out Instagram Stories, you will come to find that creating a story isn’t very complex. To create or add to a story, tap the plus button at the top left of the screen. Once it’s created, there’s an option to add color filters and draw or write on it before it gets posted. Whatever gets posted will disappear within 24 hours and won’t be posted to your feed but rather, to the top of your profile where the profile picture is. To view it, click on your profile picture and it should play from there. There’s also an option to see how many people have watched whatever you posted. Their names will show up if you swipe up on the screen.

     While many have been enjoying the new Instagram update, some have decided to stay away and stick with other apps. Deciding to try out the new features on Instagram can be fun. There’s been a lot of hype about the Instagram Stories and it hasn’t been out that long. As time goes by, there will be new features to Instagram.