To stand or to sit


Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during an NFL preseason game.

bella Keher, Center Focus Editor

      This past month the media has been blown up with headlines revolving Colin Kaepernick.          Whether Kaepernick is right or wrong for taking a knee during the national anthem, nobody thought it would go beyond the NFL.

      In our very town, players are taking a knee during the national anthem. Auburn high school and District 205 had several players take a knee while their teammates stood with their hands over their hearts.

      The internet is raging with opinions on the subject. Parents and students are voicing what they think is right, but there really is no right answer.

      Those who are taking a knee during the national anthem are supporting racial injustice. A lot of people have stated that they feel disrespected by these actions the players took, and that they wished the people who are not willing to stand during the national anthem should leave our country because they are not respecting it anyway.

      So maybe these players and the whole African American race should leave America, but would that change the racial injustice? Probably not.

      Rockford Public School district released a statement on Sept. 12 saying that these athletes have done nothing against the rules and will suffer no consequences.

      Head football coach, Dan Appino, said, “The student athletes wanted to create more social awareness of racial injustice in America. They made it clear that they did not want to disrespect our military; rather, they wanted to embrace the freedom of expression and other constitutional rights that our military fought so hard to preserve. This movement is sweeping the nation as a peaceful form of protest. I am not happy that football is being used as the platform for this protest, but I respect the passion our kids feel about this topic.”

      The six men who decided to kneel instead of stand are taking a stance in what they believe, just as those who stand are doing what they believe in. The thing to think about is, for the people who stand and talk during the national anthem, do not remove their caps or require their children stand, should they be talked about? Should those individuals also leave America?

      All in all, Kaepernick and several other NFL players have impacted people all over the world. Students from multiple high schools are also taking a knee, the Auburn students are not alone. These students will continue their football season, with no consequence and most likely continue to take knee during the anthem.