Dr. Grey is back


Samantha Erb, reporter

      You cry, love fight and laugh with them. The doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital have many different events that go on in their own personal lives that they bring into work. Grey’s Anatomy has had twelve very successful seasons. Even though they did lose some viewers at the end of season eleven with a  significant death. Meredith Grey is the main character on the show and all of the events that happen usually affect her in multiple ways; the death of a friend in season five, the shooting in season seven, the plane crash in season eight and then her “person” leaving in season ten.

       The hospital’s surgical floor is laid out in a form of residency. The highest is the Chief of surgery, this person will  run the entire surgical floor. Then it’s the attendings of all different departments like pediatrics, neurology and cardiovascular. Then it is the five year residents or the fellows,  after them it is the two year residents and then it’s the interns. To become an attending you have to take your boards which decide if you move on or you have to stop.

    Season eight ended with Lexi dying and a huge plane crash that nobody knows about until the beginning of season nine.  Season nine ended with Meredith giving birth to her son Bailey, lying on a table bleeding to death during a power outage and the oxygen machines stop working in the NICU, so they have to manually give pump the oxygen.  Season ten ended with a departure of Dr. Yang, Richard meets his daughter that he never even knew that he had because Ellis Grey Meredith’s mother hid it from him and went away.  Season eleven ended with Catherine and Richard getting married, Amelia listens to a voicemail Derek left before he passed on and Maggie sharing her parent’s divorce. Season twelve ended with a not so pregnant April, a married Amelia and Owen, Alex and Jo in a big argument, Callie and Arizona making amends and sharing custody of sofia, and Meredith being shocked that maggie likes Nathan. Season thirteen for many people will get answers to their many questions and say goodbye to one character that has actually stayed since season two.