AHS season 6?


Camille Spencer , reporter

      American Horror Story is a four star show that has the nation hooked into its seasons. Thousands of fans have been waiting months for the new season to come out. Each season is a different story -line, with different characters and more drama. All seasons include some of the same actors that played in previous seasons. There has only been three actors that have premiered in all five seasons: Evan Peters, Sara Paulson and Lily Rabe.

      The previous seasons were: “Murder House”, “Asylum”, “Coven”, “Freak Show” and “Hotel”. The first ever episode made its way to television back in 2011. As the fifth season was coming to an end, the creators of the show concluded in November of 2015 that there would be a sixth season coming in 2016. The new upcoming season premiered on September 14, 2016.

      The theme of the show was supposed to be released to the public back in the summer time but didn’t get published until a month or so later. The new season is going to be titled “Mystery”. No specific details have been released yet. The creator and co creator of the show have put out hints as to what to expect in the season.

       The actors won’t even reveal anything about the show. We do know what the symbol is for the new season, it looks like the number six intersected by a question mark. The symbol represents mystery according to the creator of the show.

      Production and shooting of the show began on June 7. In July, FX revealed the first teasers and promos for season six. There are multiple ones and FX’s CEO told the public that only one of the promos is the legitimate for the new season. There are still  minimal things that the viewers already have knowledge of. The season will definitely involve children according to Ryan Murphy, co creator of the show. He revealed at Paleyfest that all of their ideas for the show have something to do with children.

      The show will also be using a format that they have never used before. During an interview, Murphy said,

      “Both things that we’re writing right now will have a different form than we’ve ever done, so we’re excited about that.”

      American Horror story is a show favored by millions of people, and fans can’t wait for season six to finally premiere.