Multiple bus accidents for District 100


The bus from the first accident tipped in its side.

Sofi Zeman, Co-Features Editor

     On Wednesday, Sept. 7, things took a turn for the worse for those riding bus 210.

     At around 3:30 pm, a bus with students from Belvidere Central Middle School crashed on the intersection at Beloit and Orth Road.  As the bus was driving towards students home after school, an Eastbound car was heading West on Orth Road when the two collided. The car spun off of the road. Driving it was a woman and her children. The bus skidded off to the opposite side of the road and fell onto its side.

     No one on the bus was fatally injured in the accident. One child was trapped on the bus and was removed by the fire department. Of the 34 students aboard the bus, twelve people suffered minor injuries. Ten students and both drivers were sent off to nearby hospitals in the area.

     Almost a week later on Sept. 13, yet another bus got into a minor accident when a bus’s new driver crashed into two parked cars while on its morning bus route before school. This bus was heading towards Belvidere North. No one was injured in that crash.

     Speculations have risen over why there has been multiple crashes in the past few weeks. Some parents and students think it may have to do with the recent change in bus driving staff.

     “ I definitely think these crashes are related to the district getting so many new bus drivers, ” said Brandon Burke (‘20) who was on the bus when it hit the parked car.

     All involved in both crashes are recovering from what occurred. Students involved claim to be slightly anxious to ride the bus to school but will not be permanently or seriously impacted by these events.