“She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”


Stranger Things is a new Netflix original series.

Cassiana Pozzi, Entertainment editor

     The show with a missing boy, a girl with special powers, and a small group of middle school boys has every Netflix-obsessed person talking. Stranger Things was released to Netflix on July 15th with 8 episodes that follow a town’s search for a young boy, Will Byers, and a telekinetic girl, Eleven, who helps his friends in their search. During this, Will’s older brother, Jonathan, his mother, Joyce, and the town police chief, Jim Hopper, start their own investigations. When Will Byers disappears one night, his friends start searching for him but instead find Eleven, who has a limited vocabulary and is able to communicate with Will using her special abilities.  As they slowly start to uncover the truth, a secret government agency tries to hide the situation, as they search for escapee, Eleven, and a more sinister force.

     The Netflix original features a new, young cast and award-winning actress Winona Ryder. The time period for this show is the mid-80s when government agencies were secretly testing mind-control programs on the public. The real event, known as MKULTRA, was declassified in July of 2014 with 20,000 different cases relating to attaining mind-control. The declassification of MKULTRA fueled the idea for this series and sparked controversy in the news world.

     Stranger Things is the type of show that will have you hooked right away and contains more action than expected for a group of young boys simply looking for their friend. By episode three, you meet Eleven and that event leads into the main plot involving a secret government program. Eleven’s past is explained very vaguely but the audience witnesses the horrors that the young girl went through.
     The breakout series is starting production for the second season soon and will air early in 2017. Many fans express their opinions about what they expect to see in the new season, including the return of Eleven, who mysteriously disappeared at the end of season one but was hinted to still be alive.