Save a life


Blood drives are for a good cause.

Gracie Thies, News Editor

     On Sept. 16 Belvidere North will be having a blood drive. That means if you feel like saving a life, the blood drive could be for you. Anyone that wants to give blood has to be at least 16 years of age and can sign up at the table during lunch.

     North has continued to have the blood drive every year and has been successful. It’s a way for students to feel like they are making a difference. Also, giving blood would give insight into what blood type you are, if you don’t already know.

     The blood can be used for many different things like during surgery and blood transfusions. You do not need a reason to donate blood, but it could be to help a friend or family member. Some health benefits of giving blood is getting a mini physical, which includes checking the pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and hemoglobin.

     Before you give blood, be sure to have a light meal and plenty to drink. Also, have a list of the medications you’re currently taking.

     A few fun facts about blood types are only seven percent of the U.S. population is O negative. One pint of blood can save as many as three lives. The average adult has 10 pints of blood.

     “It’s a good feeling to give back and save someone’s life. I’ve done it every year and it makes me feel good about myself,” said Nora Stilwell (‘17).

     Be sure to stop by the table at lunch to help save a life, it can’t hurt.