Don’t Breathe


Don’t Breathe hit theaters August 26.

Will Sieracki, Entertainment editor

     “Don’t Breathe” is a horror movie directed by Fede Alvarez, best known for directing the 2013 remake of “Evil Dead.” “Don’t Breathe” is set in Michigan, and follows three teenage thieves as they choose their next victim: an old, blind man (played by Stephen Lang) who supposedly has thousands of dollars in his house.

     The three characters can be ranked by degrees of evil. Money (played by Daniel Zovatto) is a terrible person, simply put. Rocky (played by Jane Levy) is bad as well, but she has a reason to be bad (a horrible home life.) Alex (played by Dylan Minnette) is the “good guy” out of the three, but he also sees no issue in stealing from people. But what the three don’t realize is that the blind man is a war veteran that still has his military training, so the robbery gets a little messy.

     At first, you might feel sorry for the blind man, who’s mourning his daughter that was hit by a car several years prior.  However, there’s something he has in his basement that suggests he might not be a huge loss in the world.

     “Don’t Breathe” is 88 minutes of edge-of-your-seat thrills. With its dark, ominous lighting, solid suspense, and some (but not too many) jump scares, “Don’t Breathe” will please fans of the horror genre.