Ryan Lochte facing charges in Rio


Lochte holding one of his many medals

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

      Ryan Lochte was born in 1984 in Rochester New York, and he is now one of the most decorated Olympic swimmers in Olympic history.  Lochte has received twelve Olympic medals (six gold, three silver, three bronze).

      Many say that if he swam in any other time besides the Michael Phelp era, he would be know as the best swimmer to ever live.  For almost his whole career, he has lived in the shadows of Phelps.  

      Lochte finally stole the spotlight at the 2016 Rio Games, but not in the way he intended, his face was suddenly all over the news.  He had reported to police that he and three other Olympic swimmers were held up at gunpoint by fake cops and robbed.  

      It didn’t take long before the truth came out, through looking at videotape and talking to eyewitnesses, Lochte did not tell the truth in his story.  The true story was that he and his fellow teammates were celebrating being finished with their races at the Rio Games by going out and drinking.  

      In Lochte’s first story to the police, a gun had been pulled and placed on his forehead, the true story is that Lochte and his teammates were acting foolishly and vandalized the gas station at which they stopped.  A gun had been pulled, but only to strike fear into the intoxicated athletes.  

      Lochte now is facing the consequences, he lost millions of dollars from his sponsors and  is suspended from swimming in meets for ten months.  He is also not allowed to compete at the 2017 World Championships.